Ms Shahida Anthony

Shahida Anthony TOGI

Ms Shahida Anthony

Lecturer, Intermediate Phase


Shahida Anthony has 34 years of experience in education. She holds a Teacher’s Diploma and a Higher Diploma in Education, which she achieved in 1984 and 1991 respectively. She studied at Hewat College of Education and in 2008 completed her Bachelor in Education (Honours), cum laude at Stellenbosch University. She also completed a Cognitive module in Educational Psychology and holds a certificate in Social Auxiliary Work from ISWA.

Fields of expertise include Science and Art Education, mentoring, youth development, welfare and community, staff development, event management and classroom management. Over the years, she has achieved certificates of teacher training in Curriculum 2005, OBE, NCS, RNCS and CAPS.
She is currently the Head of Natural Science and Creative Arts at the Intermediate and Senior Phase level at school. She also served on Management level, taking responsibility for strategy formulation, planning, assessments, appraisal, teacher empowerment and capacity building.

Her ability to relate to her learners within the vastly challenging socio-economic environment of under-resourced communities has exposed her to many psychosocial issues – inside and outside the classroom. She has a passion for mentoring aspirant educators and has a special interest in teacher training.
She loves to create innovating 21st Century classrooms where teachers are facilitators of student learning and creators of productive classroom environments in which students can develop the skills they will need in the workplace.