Ms Leigh Morris

Leigh Morris TOGI

Ms Leigh Morris

Lecturer, Intermediate Phase


Leigh Morris is a trained Senior Phase and FET English and History educator. Ms Morris has experience of teaching in classrooms and is now focusing on her passion in teacher training.

Ms Morris is a Google Certified Trainer and has for the past two years worked with teachers in schools around South Africa. She is skilled in supporting teachers through the exciting and vibrant journey of integrating technology into their classroom, without losing the overarching importance of pedagogy. She started her career in film production before moving to teaching and has worked in both Government and private schools and headed up two English departments. In 2016, Ms Morris was awarded the Apple iTeacher Award “for exhibiting outstanding creativity and innovation, and for transforming education in the South African classroom”. That was when she decided to leave the classroom and dedicate her time to teacher professional development. She has since completed her Honours degree, specialising in teacher professional development within educational technology. She is now working towards a Master’s degree with a focus on measuring teacher professional development.