Dr Pam Miller

Pam Miller TOGI

Dr Pam Miller

Lecturer, Intermediate Phase


Pam Miller, PhD (UP), MEd cum laude (UP), BBibl Hons (UWC), BA (Unisa) has been involved in education in primary and high schools for many years. Since 2010 she has taught various subjects at undergraduate and post graduate level at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She has acted as a consultant and supervisor and been an external examiner for various South African universities in the field of computer-assisted education, computer literacy and Computer Applications Technology.

She has published chapters in Teaching-Learning Dynamics (Heinemann 2011), Financial management and leadership in schools (Heinemann 2012), and contributed with digital resources and screencasts to Computers, part of your life, Grades 10-12 (Study Opportunities 2005-2019).

She sits on the scientific committee of the Applications Olympiad of the IITPSA. The focus of her work is on the use of information and communication technology to enhance learning.