Alexandra Bryant TOGI

Ms Alexandra Bryant

Lecturer, Intermediate Phase


Alex Bryant has been teaching since 1997. She has taught English at both Home Language (HL) and First Additional Language (FAL) levels, and isiXhosa as a First Additional Language. While teaching FAL isiXhosa she wrote the text book, Xhosa for Second Language Learners and is acknowledged for editorial assistance and reproduction of her materials in the Oxford School Dictionary (English – isiXhosa).

In 2012, after completing her B.Ed Honours degree specialising in Formal Language Teaching, from the University of the Western Cape, she returned to teaching where she became Head of Department of both English and History at Leap Science and Maths School.  She was also a mentor to student teachers in the school’s postgraduate teacher training programme, where she assisted student teachers with academic support and practical classroom training.

Alex’s interest in teaching and materials development has been inspired by her own classroom experiences and the input of her many students who over the years challenged her in the art of FAL teaching.  She has also been inspired by the innovative techniques of other teachers she has worked with in the wide spectrum of different schools in which she has taught.