Online Learning environment TOGI
Here at the Two Oceans Graduate Institute, we deliver our teaching and learning content in an innovative and exciting online learning environment. This is a form of instruction that takes place over the internet through devices. It shifts traditional learning away from face-to-face and places it in a distance model. Because this model happens at...
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mobile phones as computers TOGI
Education in the last few years has changed a great deal with the development of computer connectivity, the Internet, the lowering of data costs, and the recent push of ICT linked to the Covid pandemic. The changes in education require that teachers themselves become life-long learners and keep up with the changes. One change is using...
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online learning TOGI
Education worldwide has, and is currently undergoing a remarkable change, specifically in higher education. Educators and learners have at their disposal sets of tools that have altered the nature of teaching delivery and learning, and allowed more institutions to create courses and accredited qualifications for a partially or completely online audience. Online education can be...
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leadership skills through teaching TOGI
All teachers are leaders by designing and executing a vision for a classroom. This demanding role requires several skills while modelling behaviours that could develop dedication, strength and general responsibility for students in their lives. You will continue to draw upon these skills and experiences wherever you find yourself working for systems change and educational...
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