Margot Wood Honored with Prestigious Geesche Wartemann Emerging Scholars Award

The Two Oceans Graduate Institute (TOGI) is proud to announce that Margot Wood, a distinguished lecturer in Dramatic Art, has been awarded the prestigious Geesche Wartemann Emerging Scholars Award by the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network (ITYARN). This esteemed award recognizes her exceptional portfolio of work, which focuses on the creation and research of Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA).

Margot Wood’s practice is rooted in her extensive experience and active involvement in the field of TYA. Her innovative approach and dedication have significantly contributed to the development of theatre experiences designed specifically for young audiences. Wood’s current research delves into creating theatre experiences for young audiences with complex needs, a niche yet profoundly impactful area within TYA.

Wood’s ground-breaking work has been showcased at both international and local conferences, highlighting her as a leading voice in the domain of embodied sensory theatre-making. Her role as a consultant in this field further underscores her expertise and commitment to advancing TYA.

Dr. Lourens Erasmus, CEO of the Two Oceans Graduate Institute, expressed his admiration and gratitude for Margot’s contributions, stating, “We are grateful for Margot’s research contributions, which not only enhance her teaching role but also inspire and inform the broader field of Theatre for Young Audiences. Her innovative work and dedication continue to elevate the standards of dramatic arts education at TOGI.”

Margot Wood’s recognition with the Geesche Wartemann Emerging Scholars Award is a testament to her impactful research and dedication to enriching the lives of young audiences through theatre. The Two Oceans Graduate Institute celebrates her achievements and looks forward to her continued contributions to the field.

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