TOGI Lecturers Illuminate Out the Woods Inclusive Arts Festival for Audiences with Complex Needs

Margot Wood and Niël Rademan, Performing and Creative Arts lecturers at TOGI, are poised to make significant contributions to the upcoming Out the Woods Inclusive Arts Festival. Hosted by Margot in her capacity as director of Storywood Inclusive Arts NPC, the festival is slated to take place from 13 – 20 March 2024 at the Drama Factory and The Playhouse Theatre in Strand/Somerset West.

Margot, a lecturer in Dance and Drama, brings her expertise to the forefront as she endeavours to create a safe and inclusive space for audiences with complex needs. Through immersive and sensory theatre experiences tailored for individuals with neurological, sensory, and cognitive challenges, as well as plays catered specifically to deaf audiences and a sensory labyrinth designed for the blind, Margot aims to break down barriers and foster accessibility within the arts community.

Margot Wood (Left); Niël Rademan (Right)

Adding to the festival’s line-up, Niël Rademan, a lecturer in Music, will highlight his talents through two compelling productions. “Musicals in the Dark,” featuring Janel Speelman and Veronica Bell, promises to captivate audiences with its unique auditory experience. Additionally, Niël will present “SONUS,” a sonic sound experiment inspired by the works of composer Arnold van Wyk, featuring performances by Minette du Toit Pearce, Lethabo Shai, and Elna van der Merwe.

Together, Margot Wood and Niël Rademan exemplify their commitment to diversity and inclusion within the arts. By bringing theatre to audiences with complex needs, they are not only expanding access to the transformative power of the performing arts but also paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in the realm of entertainment.

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