TOGI participates in 6th International Self-Directed Learning Conference

The 6th International Self-Directed Learning Conference, took place at the Pecan Manor Boutique Conference & Function Venue in Hartbeespoort, from 1 to 3 November 2023.

The theme for this conference was, “Self-Directed Learning towards Critical Thinking and Reflection”.  Amanda Olivier, the Teaching and Learning Coordinator at TOGI, had the privilege of participating in this conference which was hosted by The Research Unit for Self-Directed Learning at the North-West University in South Africa. The keynote speakers, Prof. Karl Wirth and Prof. Mncedisi Maphalala, both shared their profound insights into Self-Directed Learning.  

International Self-Directed Learning Conference
International Self-Directed Learning Conference (Left) ; Amanda Olivier (Right)

In the evolving realm of academia, the pursuit of knowledge is a dynamic and adaptable process and at the forefront of this evolutionary process is the concept of Self-Directed Learning (SDL). SDL is a pedagogical approach that empowers students to take charge of their educational journey. It is the process where individuals take the initiative to identify their learning needs, their learning goals, their materials for learning and the implemention of learning strategies and outcomes to accomplish their goals.

The 6th International Self-Directed Learning Conference not only brought to the forefront the pivotal role of self-directed learning in higher education but also offered an invaluable opportunity for educators and researchers to explore its potential and implications.  Amanda was enormously inspired by the conference and looks forward to introducing the most up to date research in this academic field, to the academic staff at TOGI. The conference underscored the significance of fostering SDL as it equips learners with the essential skills to navigate a swiftly changing world.

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