TOGI Student help people matriculate through the Hopeful Leaders Night School

Yumna Alexander, a student at the Two Oceans Graduate Institute, established the Hopeful Leaders Night School in five of Cape Town’s impoverished areas, offering a haven for over 600 learners ranging from their early twenties to their mid-sixties who are all striving to complete their senior education. Having experienced her own challenges, Yumna Alexander, who herself was a victim to circumstances that led her to dropping out of high school managed to turn her situation around and has now successfully navigated her way to her final semester as a Bachelor of Education student.

Yumna Alexander | Hopeful Leaders Night School

She recognised the need for educational resources in her community in Manenberg and therefore started a night school in an attempt to help community members obtain their matriculation pass. The school offers various subjects such as English and religion studies, charging a nominal fee of only R15 per lesson to cover the operational costs.

Ms Alexander’s dedication, supported by volunteer teachers as well as her faith, has enabled numerous learners to achieve their lifelong dream of matriculating. This remarkable achievement has opened many doors for the graduates of Hopeful Leaders Night School and has enabled them to brighter futures.

Yumna, your unwavering dedication and selfless commitment to education inspire us all!

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