TOGI hosted their First Higher Education Leadership Webinar

TOGI has introduced a series of webinars focusing on leadership in higher education, and is offered by TOGI’s academic staff and industry experts. A webinar is an online meeting, open to those who have registered to join it. The viewers can watch and hear the speaker, and interact with the speaker usually at the end of the session. The leadership series started off with a webinar on ‘Student Academic Support in the Online Teaching and Learning Environment” as it is currently being practiced at TOGI. The topic of the first webinar was very important. Studying online is a very relevant topic in South Africa, post-Covid, as many students are now attending university either fully online or in a blended environment. Lecturing and teaching online has certain challenges and this first webinar looked at those challenges and how TOGI is attempting to solve or to ameliorate the challenges with academic support offered to the students. The first webinar was offered by Dr Pam Miller and hosted by Ms Sarah Pridgeon, both TOGI lecturers. The first webinar was well attended and saw an array of questions being posed to the presenter and host. The platform also provided all who attended with a networking opportunity and a chance for individuals and the institutions they represent to hear about TOGI’s approach to Student Academic Support in the Online Teaching and Learning Environment.

The series is set to continue with its second webinar in January 2023 titled: Technology enhanced Online Teaching and Learning Pedagogy which will be presented by Ms Amanda Calitz. The series is envisaged to attract academics from the education fraternity and industry experts. We look forward to hosting you and being a part of the change we desire to see in higher education. 

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