A Student’s Perspective of TOGI

To fully experience what TOGI had to offer, I had to let go of my perceptions and impressions of online learning. Online learning to me was self-study and making sure that you do not miss any of your deadlines. TOGI is so much more!

A Student's Perspective of TOGI

The first new experience was my TOGI orientation module engagement. What a positive experience, some might say a bit intense, but I thought it clarified what lies ahead and to be well-prepared for your time at TOGI. The section on resilience made me realise how important it is to be focused and persistent to succeed in your studies. To be resilient for me means to maintain perspective. I always ask myself: “What can I learn from the experience?” and “What was the intended goal?” with the specific task or assignment.

University students are more likely to feel satisfied and persist with their studies if their experiences have met their expectations and vice versa.

(Wu, Tsai, Chen & Wu. 2006)

The module information and tasks helped me to create an ongoing learning environment. It is crucial to understand and acknowledge what you have read to cope with the workload. The best coping method I used was chunking to reduce cognitive overload. In this way, I could process information bit by bit. I pay attention to detail, I respect myself, the lecturers and my fellow students. I take responsibility for my actions. In a sense, TOGI helped me create positive learning experiences, making me confident and adding value to my learning journey. I now think of myself as a lifelong learner.

TOGI has exceeded my expectations; it has enriched my deeper learning. I will not only apply my knowledge in the classroom but throughout my life.

Mariette Peyper, South Africa