Balancing my Job and PGCE Studies

There has been a complete shift in how my days are structured. I wake up earlier to put in work for my courses. My free time at work involves me catching up on assignments, reading the prescribed material, and using it to find more scholarly articles online. I go through the same process after work and on weekends. There is less time to socialize because there is usually a report, a quiz, or a lesson plan to complete for each module, with its own reading materials. So, there is no time to ignore your studies.

You will experience a shift in thinking as your lecturers challenge your work. I suggest finding extra reading material on a given topic. It helps me better understand the topic and I find better ways to articulate my thoughts. I do this by highlighting an idea expressed in the prescribed reading material, checking the bibliography for the author, and finding a particular paper. I find it helpful to compare my progress to previous assignments. I also like to find ways to improve my assignments and apply the lecturers’ suggestions to do better. The work completed helps me to see what needs to be added, removed, kept, or improved. Because there is so much work, it is easy to feel that I am not doing enough. Even if you believe you have given the task your all, do not allow this to discourage you!

You will feel a sense of pride when what you set out to do translates well, and you will constantly question everything you do. Still, it is good because you discover that you are growing personally and professionally. Join the group chats to help you feel connected to a community, as online learning can feel lonely at times. You can bounce ideas off each other in these groups. Remember that you are here to learn, and you won’t get it right the first time. Your lecturers will guide you, and as you gain experience, you’ll be able to identify the best course of action to take when tackling your work. TOGI requires you to bring your best, which challenges you to be your best.

Anonymous – South Korea