Academic Vacant Posts for 2022

Two Oceans Graduate Institute is a dynamic, vibrant tertiary institution that provides quality online education. It has the following vacancies:- 

1] Faculty Officer (Reference FO_TOGI_2022-1)

Main Purpose:

The Faculty Officer provides administrative and logistical support to the Academic Head, HOD, and the Programme Coordinators. This will be done by supporting administrative processes that underpin the academic project, faculty communication, faculty administration, and student academic matters.

Key Performance Areas

A] Administratively support the Academic Head, HOD and Programme coordinators in the execution and management of the academic project. 

B] Administratively support the Academic Head and HOD in the application and implementation of the higher education regulatory policy and framework.

C] Service the MANCOM, OPSCOM, Admissions and RPL Committees (BEd IP & PGCE).

D] Maintain the student and learning databases in cooperation with Academic Administration, for release to the HOD and Programme Coordinators as required.

E] Administrative support in relation to the processing of students’ complaints

Core Tasks

A] Service Faculty Committees

B] Management of Academic Policies and Processes

C] Academic Management

D] Payments

E] Student Queries

F] Statutory Compliance

2] E-Librarian (Reference EL_TOGI_2022-1)

Main Purpose:

Administer the TOGI library and perform related library services, managing the life cycle of electronic resources, including databases and e-books. Responsible for managing, ordering, receiving, and maintaining publications in electronic formats.

Key Performance Areas

A] Develop and build the TOGI e-library in response to the requirements of the relevant programmes offered by the institution.

B] Search online sources of education-related reference materials in order to answer lecturer and student reference questions.

C] Respond to lecturer’s and student’s requests to determine needed information, and assist in furnishing or locating that information.

D] Teach TOGI students to search for information using databases.

E] Budget for new acquisitions.

F] Guide TOGI staff and students on the use of the e-library and services.

G] Review and evaluate resource material, such as book reviews and catalogues, in order to select and order electronic resources.

H] Organize the TOGI collection of e-books for convenient access.

I] Develop library policies and procedures. 

J] Manage the life cycle of electronic resources, including databases and e-books.

K] Arrange online tutorials.

L] Compile lists of books, periodicals, and articles on particular subjects.

M] Negotiate contracts for e-library services.

Core Tasks:

A] Professional Development

B] Community Engagement

3] Alumni & International Relations Officer (Reference AIO_TOGI_2022-1)

Main Purpose

The Alumni & International Relations Officer will provide, encourage, develops, and promotes special events, programmes, and projects. It will also timeously conduct research surveys with alumni, employers, and other stakeholders (international partners, funders). The Officer will also hold relationships, nationally, that are industry-specific. And to also create, hold and maintain relationships that could serve as a network of stakeholders and/or funders

Key Performance Areas:

A] Engaging with alumni across programmes

B] Engaging with employers, stakeholders, partners, and funders

C] Maintaining and providing regular content on Alumni updates on the TOGI media platforms

D] Arranging networking events

E] Building relationships with industry stakeholders and funders to support bursaries, research and TOGI capital expenditure

F] Managing an Alumni & International Relations cost centre budget

G] Establishing discounts and benefits for TOGI alumni

H] Representing TOGI in an ambassadorial capacity at alumni events

Core Tasks:

A] Alumni Relations and Events

B] Alumni Media

C] Partnerships and Fundraising

D] Database

E] Merchandise

Kindly note that applicants for all the above posts should have at least an NQF Level 7 qualification. NQF Level 8 and higher is a recommendation. Applicants should also have the appropriate skill set and experience for the post being applied for. In your application, kindly include a cover letter motivating why you are the best candidate and a CV with supporting documentation. 

Only electronic applications will be accepted via

Closing Date for applications – Thursday, 10 February 2022, 16h00

Should you not receive a reply from TOGI by Friday 18 February 2022, kindly consider your application unsuccessful.