This is an exciting time in the lives of the TOGI students as both the B Ed and PGCE students are busy with Teaching Practice in 2021, the very important part of teacher training during which students learn from practice and in practice.

BEd Intermediate Phase Students

To provide for the diverse body of students, there are several Teaching Practice models running concurrently. For B Ed students there is the cluster model or the apprenticeship model. Due to Covid19 restrictions and the changes in the school term dates, students in certain clusters are enrolled for the Teacher Choices in Action model, a national initiative as substitute for school based Teaching Practice. Students in other clusters are busy with the TOGI micro teaching model, also a very successful and innovative substitute for school based Teaching Practice. Cluster 8 students, in their final semester have to attend schools and are busy with that at the moment.

PGCE in Senior and FET Students

PGCE students all do school based Teaching Practice and in both the current teacher training programmes, B Ed and PGCE, TOGI pilots for the first time virtual Teaching Practice lessons for distance students. This exciting venture equips students with 21st century skills and enables close observation of the teacher in action in a real classroom setting.

May this be a successful time of learning for all on Teaching Practice.