November 2021


self-directed learning
Adaptability, flexibility, a growth mind-set and self-directed learning (SDL) skills have gained tremendous relevance since early 2020 when lockdowns around the world translated into school closures and emergency online teaching. Self-directed learning is defined using Knowles’ (1975) work as techniques where students set goals for their learning, and identify and use appropriate resources and learning...
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Two TOGI lecturers, Dr Isabel Tarling and Dr Pam Miller presented papers at the recently held Fully Online Distance Education Symposium (FODES) in October 2021, hosted by the University of Pretoria. The conference provided the opportunity for like-minded academics who design, develop and facilitate tertiary online education, to share and reflect. Dr Miller’s Presentation at...
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Teaching practice in 2021
This is an exciting time in the lives of the TOGI students as both the B Ed and PGCE students are busy with Teaching Practice in 2021, the very important part of teacher training during which students learn from practice and in practice. BEd Intermediate Phase Students To provide for the diverse body of students,...
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