Riding the Wave, Breaking the Surface – Research Sharing Day

TOGI lecturers shared their research at the second Research Sharing Day in September 2021, following on the success of the first research sharing day held in 2020. The online event, organized by the Research Group with Dr Isabel Tarling as coordinator, with the theme: Riding the Wave, Breaking the Surface, which captures staff efforts to invent and reinvent practice, research processes and the making of warranted contributions to the field of education as a whole.

Attendees were able to listen and learn, question and comment on research projects that have been conducted on own practice, as well as in collaborations.

TOGI Director, Dr Ali Adam opened the day’s proceedings with a welcome address, after which Dr Precious Simba presented the plenary session, speaking on Research and ways of knowing in teacher practice.

After this vibrant and inspirational presentations, attendees could choose out of two breakaway sessions with on offer:

Alex Bryant reporting on isiCamto as language, chaired by Amanda Anker, or Dr Georina Westraadt’s research report on Plagiarism at a Higher Education Institute, chaired by Adrienne Van As. These two presentations were followed by a short paper by Carine Janse Van Rensburg on Translating children’s literature and a poster presentation by Retief Loubser on Curriculum mapping at TOGI.

After a tea break, the breakaway sessions resumed and attendees could select one of the following: Margot Wood speaking on Theatre events for marginalized communities, chaired by Dr Pam Miller, followed by Robert Henning and his report on How shoes effect the running economy. In the second breakaway room, chaired by Dr Georina Westraadt, Shahida Anthony reported on The impact of Covid-19 protocols on practical Natural Science and Technology lessons of pre-service teachers during Teaching practice, followed by Dr Sandy Johnson speaking on Teacher identity.

Additional to the papers and presentations, there was a research workshop session to navigate the research journey at TOGI. Dr Isabel Tarling and Dr Pam Miller’s workshop was on: Mapping the journey, after which Adrienne Van As spoke on: Spot the research problem, to conclude the workshop session, Dr Georina Westraadt shared experience on: Publish or perish.

CEO, Dr Lourens Erasmus thanked Dr Tarling and the research group for organizing the second research sharing day and pronounced appreciation for staff members who participated and he also commended staff members who are conducting research, presenting papers and publishing in spite of other commitments and a lecturing workload.

Papers and presentations will be compiled into the second Two Oceans Graduate Institute journal of staff research and articles.

Please click on the link to read the research sharing day programme book to read the abstracts.