Teacher Hero Awarded to TOGI Student

Teacher Hero

We at TOGI are very proud of B Ed Intermediate Phase student Jerome Buchler on being awarded as the Teacher Hero for September. This honour was bestowed after Jerome implemented ‘Playful Project-based Learning’ having followed the sessions during which teachers learnt how to create learning spaces and processes that would help learners learn better, and enable them to acquire the skills and competencies they need to succeed in life. These learning spaces use play- and project-based learning approaches that are engaging and meaningful and learners cannot help themselves but dive into the learning process!

Jerome started out with his E3 journey as a Grade 6 teacher at Strathvaal Primary School in Stilfontein in the North West Province (he has since been moved over to Grade 7).  Jerome was the first teacher to become active on the Teachers’ Lounge platform and he soaked up every bit of training available.  He introduced his Grade 6 learners to the project in the second week of August after going through the Teachers’ Guide thoroughly. 

The Effective Classrooms programme is an initiative of the Department of Basic Education.

Congratulations Jerome

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