Niël Rademan, an Acclaimed Musician and TOGI Student

TOGI salutes PGCE student Niël Rademan, impresario, on his unending endeavours to take the arts to the people living in towns such as Somerset West, Heidelberg, Paternoster and many more.

Mr Rademan, himself an acclaimed musician and singer, makes sure that productions of the highest quality in a variety of genres such as music, theatre and visual art are kept alive in spite of the restrictions due to the pandemic. Added to the huge variety of excellent performances, on offer at these small scale festivals are lifestyle presentations such as cooking demonstrations, tastings and parings. To top all of this, attendees can listen to book discussions and conversations presented by experts in their field.

With these events Niël Rademan makes positive plans to promote the arts and to keep audiences and artists emotionally alive. All the necessary safety measures are observed and access to the festivals strictly adhere to sanitation and the wearing of masks, at this point not selling tickets to more than 50 people per venue.

To quote Mr Rademan: “We need now, more than ever to belong, to socialise, to communicate and to experience uplifting performances together. This we do while safety and responsibility is key”.