My Education Journey

education journey

Education, has truly become one of the most powerful weapons we can use to influence the world positively (Mandela, 2003). Through advancements in technology, curriculum and a blended learning approach, quality training of novice educators has become central to the effects education has on society, the economy and our personal well-being. My passion for the youth and their development has spilled over into an appreciation for multicultural and diverse approaches in education.

Teacher training:

In classroom management, teacher training has enhanced the abilities of the novice educator. Through improved quality training, educators are equipped to engage their personal strengths to create a more inclusive teaching and learning environment. Through this, barriers to learning are better addressed and the overall learning experience for learners are enhanced. Teacher training has developed a culture of collaboration in the workplace and engagement of technology in improving learner success in the classroom. This has allowed teachers to become more engaged with learners, their parents and staff at their respective schools, which has led to greater involvement in communities further improving learner success.

Why I became an educator:

Coming from a previously disadvantaged background, I did not have many strong role models. I was exposed to many social ills in my community; however, my school teachers always believed in me and showed me an alternative route; success. As a high school learner, I became very involved in social upliftment campaigns which further led to success in my modelling career and activism alongside leading World Agencies such as USAID, FHI 360 amongst other. I participated in many speaking engagements at schools, orphanages and youth centres promoting morality. This propelled my career change towards academia and leadership in education.

Highlights in teaching:

One of my greatest achievements was teaching mathematics to a second-year university student who suffered from blindness. Until then, I did not think it was possible, however, through hard work and use of technology the student succeeded. I now believe that we as educators should actively work to decrease barriers to learning in our classrooms, while actively promoting inclusivity and equality.

Future of Two Oceans Graduate Institute:

Through initiatives of the Two Oceans Graduate Institute and the Two Oceans Foundation, quality education for diverse educational and social needs is promoted (Two Oceans Graduate Institute website). The vision and values of the institution directly establishes strong knowledge and abilities among novice educators. Being a new lecturer at this institution allows me tremendous growth and career development opportunities. The inclusive nature seeks to upskill and provide opportunities to many people, thus cementing its position as a forward-moving pioneer and leader in teacher training. I am excited to be part of such a prestigious institution and look forward to many great successes in future.

Blog by Mr Caviner Ruiters