August 2021


Radical Solutions for Education in Africa
We at TOGI proudly congratulate lecturer Dr Isabel Tarling on the part she played in the publication of Olivier, J. & Burgos, D (Eds.) 2021. Radical Solutions for Education in Africa: Open education and self-directed learning in the continent, as chapter contributor.Chapter contributors are: Appavoo, R., Bensamka, F., Berrada, K., Bhunjun, U., Dhakulkar, A., El Kharki, K.,...
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education journey
Education, has truly become one of the most powerful weapons we can use to influence the world positively (Mandela, 2003). Through advancements in technology, curriculum and a blended learning approach, quality training of novice educators has become central to the effects education has on society, the economy and our personal well-being. My passion for the...
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