An Exciting Online Learning Environment at TOGI

Online Learning environment

Here at the Two Oceans Graduate Institute, we deliver our teaching and learning content in an innovative and exciting online learning environment. This is a form of instruction that takes place over the internet through devices. It shifts traditional learning away from face-to-face and places it in a distance model. Because this model happens at a distance, the actual mode of education changes.

  • Learning is specifically and carefully designed to be done remotely and at a distance
  • Content is developed in advance and accessible for students when they need it
  • The student’s role changes into a more active one
  • Pedagogy is different to lecture hall teaching
  • Can be both synchronous and asynchronous

Our TOGI online learning platform sees students actively engaging in their own learning through the exploration of carefully curated content hosted on a learning management system (LMS). The lecturer facilitates this journey and spends their time engaging with the students, especially in areas of assessment and feedback. Online learning has many positives linked to it, especially for our changing educational landscape of 2021 and going forward.


Online learning is designed to be accessed remotely. This means that students do not need to live in the institution’s area and neither do they need to spend time on public transport systems. Students need only a device to work from and a functioning internet connection which allows for streaming and fluid work.

Virtual communication

It is important that we develop students’ ability to work and communicate in an online environment as the fourth industrial revolution is changing the way that companies do business.

In an online environment, students participate in many different forms of communication through discussion boards, email, and collaboration with peers in the online programs. Students become part of virtual teams and learn to clearly communicate their ideas and write polite and thoughtful responses in order to build rapport with their peers.

Critical thinking skills

Online learning forces students to develop their critical thinking skills due to the self-paced environment and the necessary self-motivation needed in day-to-day learning. Students develop the skills to not only think critically but also learn how to overcome challenges and solve them.

Technology skills

Through online learning, students are able to embrace and develop skills in the latest innovations in educational technology. Students will graduate with highly advanced computer skills, giving them a head start for their future.

Here at TOGI, the benefits that the students gain through learning in an online environment mean that they are equipped with 21st century skills that will place our students at the top of newly graduated teachers.

Written by TOGI lecturer, Leigh Morris