Two Oceans Graduate Institute Lecturer Conquering the 13 Peaks Challenge

TOGI Lecturer, Robert Henning summiting another peak

Mr Robert Henning, a lecturer in BEd Intermediate phase education at Two Oceans Graduate Institute is busy with a 13 peaks challenge. Over 4 weekends he achieved his Multi-day badge, doing 11km, 18km, 28km, with his last run being 50km from Muizenberg Peak to Signal Hill this past Saturday, an exceptional achievement.

His goal is to achieve his 2-day badge in April, and the 1-day badge in May. To gain perspective of the challenge ahead, he intends to cover 104 km and 7000 m within 1 and 2 days.

Congratulations, Mr Robert Henning is currently in the 9th male position out of 293 on the multi-day ‘wall of honour’.

About the 13 Peaks Challenge

The 13-peaks challenge was established by South African professional trail runner, Ryan Sandes, in 2019. The 13 Peaks was born from the idea of Ryan Sandes wanting to link up some of his favourite peaks in the Cape Peninsula area. He sketch those peaks, linked them through a logical route designed for a great adventure. He wanted to mimic the famous “rounds” in the UK.

The route covers 13 major peaks over the Table Mountain National Park area, stretching from Signal Hill to Chapmans Peak. The total route covers roughly 104km, with around 7000m total elevation. Runners can choose whichever route they would like, as long as they do all 13 in order, and start and finish at Signal Hill.

There are four options to achieve this: Multi-day (over as many days as you like), 2 day (within a 48-hour timeframe), 1 day (within 24 hours), and Impossible (under 15 hours)

Good luck Robert!

Two Oceans Graduate Institute wish you all the best with your future challenge to achieve your goal of the 2-day badge in April, and the 1-day badge in May. We know you can do it!