The Leadership College of Manenburg Produces Excellent Matric Results

Two Oceans Graduate Institute would like to congratulate The Leadership College of Manenberg on behalf of the TOGI staff on the excellent matric results of The Leadership College in Manenburg.

Their visionary work inspires us to do our work to the best of our ability to educate teachers and deliver graduates with the ability to teach in all contexts.

Congratulations on these results and to all the learners on this achievement in a very difficult and challenging year.

TLC Manenburg shared the following message with us.

“The class of 2020 was hit with the biggest challenge in the history of man kind of the 21st Century; the COVID-19 global pandemic. Due to the lockdown, teachers and learners were forced to convert to a new style of teaching and learning through various online platforms.

The school and its learners,unfortunately, did not have access to the technological resources needed for the more advanced learning platforms and therefore had to be taught via the most basic and common platform known as WhatsApp. Despite this, TLC still achieved an outstanding pass rate of 94.4%.

This is simply due to an excellent management and teaching staff which is prepared to go that extra mile for the learners despite the following challenges:

  • TLC is situated in Manenberg, which serves one of the most disadvantaged communities in Cape Town.
  • The area is known for high rates of unemployment, gang violence and drug abuse.
  • At TLC only 3% of learners can afford to contribute financially towards the maintenance of the school.
  • 97% of learners receive a free high quality education.
  • TLC is largely under resourced and lack infrastructure such as specialist rooms including laboratories, a library, IT room and sports facilities.

TLC wish to place on record our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the following organizations for their unselfish support over the years:

Islamic Relief South Africa as our Primary donor, Penny Appeal South Africa, Ibn Sina Institute of TIBB, Kagiso Asset Management , LA Clothing for their regular contribution towards the schools feeding scheme and all other families and individuals for their undying support.