How to sharpen leadership skills through teaching

All teachers are leaders by designing and executing a vision for a classroom. This demanding role requires several skills while modelling behaviours that could develop dedication, strength and general responsibility for students in their lives. You will continue to draw upon these skills and experiences wherever you find yourself working for systems change and educational equity. Thus, we have decided to summarise four ways how to sharpen leadership skills through teaching.

Four Ways to Sharpen Leadership Skills Through Teaching

Ask, listen and learn

Asking questions encourages teachers to evaluate other leaders’ actions and reflect on their actions while simultaneously challenging their own thinking, one great quality of leadership. The easiest way to learn is to learn from other leaders. Encourage teachers with leadership potential to share their victories. Also, encourage teachers to observe others in action to collect and inspire ideas. As with great leaders, great teachers can gain tremendous input from stakeholders—students, families, fellow teachers, and the broader community.

Learn from your past to improve your future

Make mistakes and learn from them. Seek feedback and improve on them and use mistakes as steppingstones. Continue to evolve and grow as a teacher and a leader. Never become stagnant and assume you know everything. Rather grow the things you know. Also, challenge your perspective on what your students are capable of achieving.

Develop a strong vision for the classroom

Leaders have a clear vision for where they want to go and what they would like to achieve. Teachers should start their school year by setting a vision for themselves and their students. Think big and develop a vision that coincides with teachers cultivating their students’ gifts. 

Build authentic relationships

Strong leaders are masters of diverse relationship building. Developing authentic motivating and encouraging relationships results in the building of strong student trust. Teacher leaders should learn how to navigate new contexts and build relationships across different contexts.

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