TOGI Lecturer Recipient of Prestigious EASA Award

We at TOGI are thrilled to announce that Dr Isabel Tarling is the recipient of the prestigious EASA AWARD: EMERGING RESEARCHER 2020

Who receives the EASA award: Emerging researcher?

“This medal is awarded to a member of EASA with extraordinary achievements in the field of educational research as stipulated by the criteria and who has not previously received this award.”

Dr Tarling will receive a medal and has been requested to share her research focus with EASA members at the 2022 EASA Conference.

Who is Dr Tarling?

Dr Tarling is an ICT Integration specialist, holds a PhD in Education Technologies and Teacher Professional Development from UCT, and is director of Limina’s learning design division. Her extensive experience working with teachers from all phases, subjects and backgrounds, directly impacts the hands-on and change-driven teacher professional development courses she develops. In 2019 she was selected by the UNESCO chair at the Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, to create an online course for teachers as part of the Open Education for a Better World program. As an author, she is widely published and her research on teacher change is included in the national Professional Development Framework for Digital Learning. In July 2020 her adaption of the book, Teachers Discovering Computers: Integrating Technology in the South African Classroom, was published for teachers and teaching students. Dr Tarling passionately believes that the key to transforming teaching and learning lies in empowering all educators to create and innovate with technologies and to plan and manage change. This belief drives her to inspire all those in education to create and innovate with technologies, and to inspire others to do the same. Her research interests focus on Technology Integration in Discipline-Specific areas, design thinking and developing socially embedded transformative programmes to support community-based innovation

The following from the letter of congratulations from the EASA EXCO:

‘Congratulations with this big honour!  The association trusts that this will encourage you to even reach higher heights in educational research within our beloved country’.

Congratulations Dr Tarling on this EASA award, you make us proud.

EASA Award