Togi Students Partake in Virtual Art Exhibition

On Friday, 4 December TOGI students registered for Visual Art, presented their practical portfolios at the virtual art exhibition opening ceremony, first of its kind at the institution.

The occasion was well attended by staff and family of the students, Ms A Moerat and I Elizah.

For their 2-dimensional work, the students presented a drawing portfolio, using a variety of media, a mixed media project around the theme of ‘Feathers’. Their 3-dimensional work consisted of a coiled vessel, a modelling project and a mobile in recycled materials.

The practical work was externally moderated by Ms W Besselsen. Reports from the moderator as follows:

‘Very good use of different media and techniques in all the art pieces. Creative use of found objects and recycled materials. Art elements were incorporated and used innovatively. Excellent detail and use of texture on the clay sculpture. Interesting use of complementary colours blue and orange in the picture. The final picture is an accurate conclusion of the whole theme’.

‘Your visual diary is very thorough and clear. Good use of different materials to achieve interesting textures.  Good application of art elements. Excellent use of found objects and recycled materials. The 3D mobile is very well presented with the heavy wooden frame around which creates a beautiful space to not only show the mobile, but also the negative areas around it’.

We are proud of the first exhibition of this kind and want to congratulate the students on their excellent results.

A 3D project that was exhibited:

Moerat, A: £D mobile using recycled material

A 2D project that was exhibited:

Elizah, I: 2D in Mixed media, spreading her wings.

Why are Art Exhibitions important?

Art Exhibitions encourage art and ideas to the public; representing a way of displaying and contextualizing art that makes it relevant and accessible to contemporary audiences. We are excited to see what our students create in future exhibitions.