To be the best teacher education institution in the world

One of our Founding Directors said at one stage: Two Oceans Graduate Institute should be the best teacher education institution in the world. I asked myself what the meaning of this remark could be coming from a humble spirit such as Dr Ali Adam.

I said to myself, just work hard and do your utmost best in my current context, in my immediate world. Embrace diversity and inclusivity as the underpinning notions for our mission statement: Quality higher education for all. The founders of this institution established it in the spirit of inclusivity and with a vision on the transformative power of education. TOGI brought academic staff and students together from all backgrounds and all walks of life. We strive to embed all our actions in the values of truth, righteousness, love, commitment and responsibility. These are the driving forces to serve humanity.

We strived since our inception in 2017 to design coherent curricula with a clear purpose and intended learning outcomes. This approach creates transparency in what graduates will be able to do and know upon graduation. Interactive online teaching and learning approaches were established and we embarked on quality enhancement processes of continued internal and external review. We want to create lifelong learners and promote teaching and learning and community service through researched based evidence. We design assessment instruments that will confirm the readiness of graduates to meet the challenges of the world of work in the 21st century.

Two Oceans Graduate Institute will continuously be busy with the aforementioned. I believe wholeheartedly in the important contribution of private higher education to contribute to current higher education challenges and needs. We will always strive to do our best as a humble service to humanity through the provision of quality teacher education.

Lourens Erasmus

Lourens Erasmus

CEO Two Oceans Graduate Institute