Educational Institution Sponsors Cycling Kit for Team Gradient

There is a growing trend in the sport of cycling regardless of the difficult economic conditions as cycling requires expensive equipment. Yet,, many South Africans take up cycling for several reasons – being health-conscious, competitive road and mountain bikers, and commuting as eco-friendly or/and affordable means. However, we find another reason for Team Gradient to enter the world of cycling.

Team Gradient is a cycling team from Michell’s plain, a socio-economically challenged area near Cape Town. Junaid Mcleod found the cycling team in 2019 when he grew to love the sport of cycling. This new team focuses on underprivileged youth in Mitchell’s Plain. The youthful team consists of children of all ages tackling long-distance rides exceeding 100 kilometers.  Junaid believes that the teamwork and discipline that comes with cycling will develop their community’s youth. To quote Team Gradient’s leader:

“Our youth is the future, so we should invest time in them today.”

Two Oceans Graduate Institute, an online educational institution, educating our future teachers, saw an opportunity to partner with a young and vibrant team achieving astonishing goals. The institution saw an opportunity to fill a need, knowing that benefits would derive from this investment. Thus, TOGI sponsored the cycling kit for Team Gradient. A worthy investment. TOGI CEO, Dr Lourens Erasmus, said the following:

“We are very proud and grateful for the opportunity to sponsor the kits for these youngsters.”

We at TOGI are excited to see this inspiring team achieve unimaginable goals that will that will ensure benefits for the participants in the long run.

How can you help?

Team Gradient is always looking for anybody who could put a smile on a kid’s face by donating an unused bicycle that might be catching dust. They are always looking for help and intend to keep growing in their community. If you can assist, please contact them on social media. We thank you in advance.

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Educational Institution Handing over Team Gradient’s new Cycling Kit

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