NST Students Practical Day

Ms Alexander, B Ed Intermediate Phase student at TOGI, became aware of a need and started an initiative to uplift and empower people in her community. This project is for adults who could not finish school and want to improve their education, gain matric and possibly some further qualification.

With her mind set to assist these people, Ms Alexander approached the WCED. A Mr Isaacs explained the process to follow to Ms Alexander and the eager applicants were informed. With the help of social media platforms, 158 students were registered, hoping to write their matric exams within the near future. Volunteer teachers from Manenberg, including ward councillor Mr Cassiem, are willing assist in the teaching.

The students will start night school in February at the leadership college in Maneberg Primsrose Park, to prepare them to develop their education, which will eventually transform communities.

On the 18th January 2010, The Leadership College opened in Manenberg with an inaugural class of 40 leaders. TLC as it is commonly known, is a completely free school where learners receive uniform, stationery, excursions, etc. for free. The school was opened for those learners who are extremely good academically but cannot afford to attend a good school, so these kids slip through the cracks and take over the reigns of the drug and gang lords. When the school started, it was located at a local Mosque, but each year when the school grew, Mrs. Norton had find an alternative premises. This is when she got permission to lease a premises from the Child Welfare Society in Manenberg. The school is located in Manenberg so that learners do not have any difficulty in attending school every day.


We proudly commend this community engagement initiative undertaken by one of our students.