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Two Oceans Graduate Institute Staff

Meet the people who make the impossible, possible.
Directors of The Two Oceans Graduate Institute
  • Dr A Adam
  • Mrs A Norton
  • Mrs K Joshua
  • Mrs E Steyn
Management Committee
  • Dr LM Erasmus
    Chief Executive Officer and lecturer in Educational Philosophy
  • Dr G Westraadt
    Head of Department: Intermediate Phase Education and lecturer in Life Skills
  • Ms A van As
    Teaching Practice Coordinator and lecturer in Social Sciences, History of Education, Teaching and Learning in the Intermediate Phase.
  • Mrs N Jattiem
Lecturing staff
  • Leigh Morris
  • Dr Pam Miller
    Information Communications Technology
  • Ms S Anthony
    Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Ms C van Rensburg
  • Mrs Amanda Anker
  • Mr A Versfeld
  • Ms R Ryklief
    Assessment Theory and Classroom Management
  • Yamkela Mbombo

Dr Lourens Erasmus
Chief Executive Officer

Lourens Erasmus’s original studies were in theology; he attained his Doctorate in Theology in 1994 from the University of the Free State. Later he moved his focus to education, graduating with an MA in Higher Education Studies in 2014. In 1986 he was awarded the Abe Bailey Scholarship to visit the United Kingdom. After completing his Doctorate, he was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Utrecht in 1996 and at the Free University in Amsterdam in 2003. In 2013 he conducted research visits to the Faculties of Education of five North American universities.
Since 2009 he has been involved in private higher education. He was the academic head of a private teacher training institution in Pretoria and has consulted extensively on the accreditation of learning programmes by the Council on Higher Education. He has published articles in both popular scientific and accredited academic journals, and has delivered conference papers both nationally and internationally. He specializes in curriculum development and design in the field of higher education studies.

Dr Georina Westraadt
HOD Intermediate Phase

D Ed (CPUT), M Ed cum laude (CPUT), has been involved as senior lecturer in teacher training in art education for B Ed programmes at pre- and postgraduate levels. Before taking up a lecturing career with CPUT, she taught art at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. After completing a teacher’s diploma (Paarl Training College) a further diploma in art education (Cape Town Training College, Mowbray) followed, and then a BA (UNISA), Theory of Music (UNISA) and in 2006 an Associate in Singing at Trinity College of London. Dr Westraadt has published a textbook on art education (2015) in Afrikaans, Die Onderrig van Visuele Kuns in die Laerskool (translated into English as Art Education in the Primary School). Several textbook chapters followed as well as academic papers at national and international conferences. Dr Westraadt has published articles on art education in educational journals, conference proceedings and scholarly publications. In 2015 Dr Westraadt was the recipient of the CPUT Education Faculty Distinguished Teacher Award and in 2016 she was a finalist for the Edulearn Lifetime Achiever Award.
Fields of expertise include: Art Education, visual literacy, mentoring, service learning, curriculum design and development, as well as staff development.

Adrienne van As
Intermediate and Senior Phase Educator

Adrienne van As trained as an intermediate and senior phase educator and has a special interest in teacher training.
After a career as an intermediate phase educator, she worked for several years at the Centre for Multigrade Education where she trained teachers from rural areas all over South Africa. Multigrade refers to classrooms where one teacher educates learners in more than one grade in the same classroom, at the same time, a common occurrence in the rural areas of South Africa. Ms Van As has also conducted extensive research in this field. She has developed training materials, specially adapted the curriculum, and has written teaching and learning materials for Multigrade Education.
She has extensive experience in lecturing Education, Professional Studies and Social Sciences (both History and Geography) to Foundation and Intermediate Phase teacher training students. Before joining the Two Oceans Graduate Institute, she was a lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University (CPUT).
Her fields of expertise include instructional design, multimedia learning and 21st century skills.

Dr Pam Miller
Senior lecturer, Intermediate Phase

Pam Miller, PhD (UP), MEd cum laude (UP), BBibl Hons (UWC), BA (Unisa) has been involved in education as a primary and high school teacher. Since 2010 she has taught various subjects at undergraduate and post graduate level at the Cape Peninsular University of Technology. She has acted as a consultant and supervisor and been an external examiner for various South African universities in the field of computer assisted education, computer literacy and CAT.
She has published chapters in Teaching-Learning Dynamics (Heinemann 2011), Financial management and leadership in schools (Heinemann 2012) and Computers, part of your life, Grades 10-12 (Study Opportunities 2005- ). Her main interest is in developing material for CAT.
She sits on the committees of the IITPSA and the Computer Applications Olympiad. She is a reviewer for the Journal of Educational Technology & Society. Her research interest is in teaching in multilevel computer classes. The focus of her work is on the use of information and communication technology to enhance learning.

Carine Janse van Rensburg
Lecturer, Intermediate Phase

Carine Janse van Rensburg (BA, Hons, MA, HED) has been involved in education as a high school teacher and lecturer at Stellenbosch University where she taught Afrikaans in the Department of Curriculum Studies and Poetry in the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch.
Since 2007 she has been a freelance author, translator and editor. While she has served as a relief teacher throughout her freelance career, her main contribution has been as the author of various text books, including the Pearson’s Platinum series for Afrikaans Home Language, Grades 7 to 12, the Slimkoppe series for Grade 4 to 7, X-kit Presteer, for Grades 8 and 9, and Oxford’s Klankeprogram, Grades 1 to 3. She also compiled two anthologies of poetry, namely Om die aarde aan te haal en ander gedigte and sprak of sprook en ander gedigte. Furthermore, she has written numerous literature study guides for various publishers.
Ms Janse van Vuuren joined the Two Oceans Graduate Institute in July 2017.

Alec Versfeld
Lecturer, Intermediate Phase

Alec Versfeld original studied Telecommunications Engineering. In 1985 he changes focus to educational psychology and he started a company EduCats which researched, developed and published English and Afrikaans educational software for the South African school curriculum. During 1989 to 1994 he joined Stellenbosch University Didactics research team and developed a wide range of Mathematics programs that was published by Nasou.
He taught mathematics to school going students (grades 7 to 12) and Diploma Engineers for the past 30 years and is a passionate teacnn

Yamkela Mbombo

Ms Yamkela Mbombo’s education journey started 2013 at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) where she completed her BA degree majoring in Psychology, Sociology and Linguistics. In 2017 she pursued her postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT), where she did her Honours degree in Linguistics. In 2018 she completed her Postgraduate certificate in Education specializing in Intermediate Phase. Ms Mbombo is currently enrolled for her Master’s degree. During her teaching practice she had the opportunity to teach at Chapel Primary School and Rondebosch Boys junior school. While she was doing her undergraduate studies she was amongst the 15% of top performing students. Therefore, she was accorded a golden key award of which she is still an active member. Moreover, she was also awarded a SARCHI scholarship at the University of Cape Town. Ms Mbombo currently lectures IsiXhosa B ED at TOGI.

Mrs Amanda Anker

Amanda Anker is a qualified Intermediate Phase teacher who has taught Afrikaans and English from grade 5 to grade 7 at a primary school in the Wine-lands District before joining the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), Wellington Campus, as part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Education. Ms Anker obtained her B Ed Honours degree in 2012 with Inclusive Education as a major. In 2017, she received her M Ed degree, focussing on reading comprehension strategies. She has been lecturing in Inclusive Education at CPUT, but has extensive experience in lecturing Languages and Communication at the Faculties of Education, Business and Applied Sciences at CPUT.

Leigh Morris

Leigh Morris is a trained Senior Phase and FET English and History educator. Ms Morris has experience of teaching in classrooms and is now focusing on her passion in teacher training.
Ms Morris is a Google Certified Trainer and has for the past two years worked with teachers in schools around South Africa. She is skilled in supporting teachers through the exciting and vibrant journey of integrating technology into their classroom, without losing the overarching importance of pedagogy. She started her career in film production before moving to teaching and has worked in both Government and private schools and headed up two English departments. In 2016, Ms Morris was awarded the Apple iTeacher Award "for exhibiting outstanding creativity and innovation, and for transforming education in the South African classroom”. That was when she decided to leave the classroom and dedicate her time to teacher professional development. She has since completed her Honours degree, specialising in teacher professional development within educational technology. She is now working towards a Master’s degree with a focus on measuring teacher professional development.

Nadiema Jattiem

After completing her studies, Nadiema started her career at Groote Schuur Hospital and later at the National Ports Authority in the Port Engineer’s office and Telkom.
Nadiema joined an Independent School in Rondebosch as the Financial and Human Resources Manager, managing non-academic staff and focusing on staff development. She also spearheaded diversity workshops, focusing on restoring dignity and confidence. While researching community based organizations where she could add value to structures and expand her knowledge, she came across the Two Oceans Education Foundation. She immediately fell in love with the ethos of “Educating and Empowering learners from impoverished backgrounds” and she was given the opportunity to join the ranks of this exceptional foundation as the first Registrar of the newly established Two Oceans Graduate Institute. An avid sports person, she represented at provincial cricket while also being actively involved in other sports codes. For her contributions towards junior and youth cricket development she was awarded a bursary to study sports management through Cricket South Africa. She is a regular participant at road running and trail running events.

Shahida Anthony

Shahida Anthony has 34 years of experience in education. She holds a Teacher’s Diploma and a Higher Diploma in Education, which she achieved in 1984 and 1991 respectively. She studied at Hewat College of Education and in 2008 completed her Bachelor in Education (Honours), cum laude at Stellenbosch University. She also completed a Cognitive module in Educational Psychology and holds a certificate in Social Auxiliary Work from ISWA.
Fields of expertise include Science and Art Education, mentoring, youth development, welfare and community, staff development, event management and classroom management. Over the years, she has achieved certificates of teacher training in Curriculum 2005, OBE, NCS, RNCS and CAPS.
She is currently the Head of Natural Science and Creative Arts at the Intermediate and Senior Phase level at school. She also served on Management level, taking responsibility for strategy formulation, planning, assessments, appraisal, teacher empowerment and capacity building.
Her ability to relate to her learners within the vastly challenging socio-economic environment of under-resourced communities has exposed her to many psychosocial issues – inside and outside the classroom. She has a passion for mentoring aspirant educators and has a special interest in teacher training.
She loves to create innovating 21st Century classrooms where teachers are facilitators of student learning and creators of productive classroom environments in which students can develop the skills they will need in the workplace.

Raeesa Mohamed-Ryklief
Psychological Counsellor

Raeesa Mohamed-Ryklief is a psychological counsellor who after working in therapeutic environments realized her passion for psychology extended to education and teacher training.
After completing a teaching qualification, she worked with adolescents, young adults and teachers through workshops, training platforms and daily consciousness group sessions. She is very passionate about supporting people through their journey of empowerment and helping them to understand the learners and young people they work with.
She is currently completing her Masters in Educational Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch and aims to continue her work within the communities who most need the support.

Alexandra Bryant

Alex Bryant has been teaching since 1997. She has taught English at both Home Language and First Additional Language levels, and isiXhosa as a First Additional Language. While teaching isiXhosa FAL she wrote the textbook, Xhosa for Second Language Learners. She is acknowledged for editorial assistance and reproduction of her materials in the Oxford School Dictionary (English – isiXhosa).
In 2012, after completing a B Ed Honours degree specializing in Language Teaching, at the University of the Western Cape, she returned to teaching where she became Head of Department of both English and History at Leap Science and Mathematics School. She also became a mentor to student teachers in the school’s postgraduate teacher training programme, where she assisted student teachers with academic support and practical classroom training.
Alex’s interest in teaching and materials development has been inspired by her own classroom experiences and the input of her many students who over the years challenged her in the art of FAL teaching. She has also been inspired by the innovative techniques of other teachers she has worked with in the wide spectrum of different schools in which she has taught.

Andreas Labuschagne

My journey has taken me into the academic practice fields of Psychology, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Education. I have worked with university students as a tutor and lecturer at the University of Pretoria and Stellenbosch University in the subjects of Religious Studies and Philosophy of Education. I completed my MEd degree with a focus on Contemplative Education which looks to use contemplative practice to instill a secular mind of wisdom and compassion in teaching and learning; my continuing research centers on these topics. I have recently returned from China after a year of teaching English as a Foreign Language at Primary and Middle school levels.
In my spare time I practice counselling, coaching, yoga and meditation. I like nature activities, am an amateur artist and writer, and aspire to publish my first non-academic book very soon.
It is my privilege to walk alongside you in your continuous learning and edification, in aspiration to help you develop your skill, insight, wisdom, and culture as promising teachers.

Baheya Emeran
administration officer

Baheya Emeran has worked in many office management and administration roles during the course of her career, across varying industries ranging from car sales, to leather goods manufacturing and advertising and design, with her most recent role entailing office and store management and administration at a local startup business. Coupled with her experience is a Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management obtained in London, United Kingdom.
A mother of 3 little ones, a keen reader and fashionista, a love for the outdoors and surrounded by a family filled with long distance road runners - having had her fair share of road running herself - Baheya has a warm, vibrant personality with immense passion in what she does.

Retief Loubser

Retief Loubser completed his studies at the Boland Teachers’ College in Wellington in 1993, followed by eleven years of teaching in the Intermediate and Senior Phase. In 1998 he was part of the transition from Woodwork to Technology, obtaining the required further training to do so. He was appointed as Head of Department for the FET Phase at a remedial private school in 2005. Here he has been teaching ever since, specializing in the education of learners with special needs, such as overcoming the challenges of ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and many more. One of his personal career highlights was being part of the team of authors for Huisgenoot / You Magazine’s School Projects in 2012.

Shahied Daniels
student administrator

My name is Shahied Daniels. I am a former Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Education Faculty employee. I am now employed at the Two Oceans Graduate Institute as a student administrator. My primary role is to serve students by assisting them with admission, registration and graduation. I have 27 years of experience in the education sector across various institutions in the Western Cape. I have gone through various college mergers and incorporations in my career. I have completed a B Tech degree in Business Administration and a National Diploma in Office Management and Technology at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I completed various certificates and achievements to help me to be more effective and efficient in the work place. My interests are travelling, socialising, watching sports and reading on various platforms what is happening around the world. What gives me great satisfaction is when students complete the student life cycle. My goal is to be part of the success of the Two Oceans Graduate Institute.

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