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Course Overview

B Ed Intermediate Phase Education

Studying B Ed

Congratulations on your career choice and we hope you decide to study at Two Oceans Graduate Institute. We ensure that your studies will be rewarding and successful.

CEO - Dr Lourens Erasmus

What you will learn

By embarking on this four-year journey you are about to pursue a career as a Qualified and Accredited Professional Educator

  • Certified and expert Lecturers
  • Extensive documentation online
  • Online Learner Management
  • 4 Years or 6 Years Augmented

Course Design

Our unique mode of delivery, namely online teaching on the Learner Management System (Moodle), in combination with limited contact time over weekends for local students, offers pre-service teachers the opportunity to complete their studies in their own time. For distance students, contact time will be presented via various forms of communication, either Skype, Hangouts, Contact Workshops, or some format that can supplement the physical contact that Western Cape students have in the best possible way.

The B Ed studies at Two Oceans Graduate Institute is designed to equip you as a teacher-in-training with the knowledge and skills required for the profession. The four years of study will be divided into eight clusters, each comprising several modules. Some modules have a credit value of 5, which means 50 hours of study, while others have a credit value of 10, which means 100 hours of study. When you completed Grade 12, the exit level was level 4. For graduate study, the exit level is 7. There is a gradual increase in exit levels from level 5 in your first year, up to level 6 and eventually level 7 in your final year. All the credits are eventually added up to complete your degree. Your degree consists of 510 credits in total which qualifies you.

Augmented Programme

Please request the Academic Rules and Regulations on the Augmented Programme if personal circumstances do not allow you sufficient time to manage all the modules in one cluster. Arrangements can be made to enrol you on the augmented programme.

Online courses offer flexibility, particularly for those with demanding professional or personal responsibilities. With this flexibility comes responsibility. It can be tempting for a student to delay working through the course material, thinking that there will be time later in the week. It is vital to work on your studies on a daily basis. As an online student, most of your studies can be done at a time that suits you, but you will benefit if you stick to a fixed schedule. One way to stop yourself from procrastinating is to set aside specific hours for your studies every day.

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